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What is BFS?

The blow fill seal process is the sterile and pyrogen-free moulding of bottles or ampoules from extruded polyethylene in water cooled blow moulds with an immediate sterile filling of the product. This is followed by a hermetic sealing of the container in a one-step process and under aseptic conditions in the same enclosed machine. The BFS process has been classified by the US FDA as a superior aseptic filling process which along with the decreased risk of contamination by glass particles clearly results in a safer end product. Because of the enhanced safety profile versus products filled in glass, BFS products have been rapidly accepted by patients and doctors across the world.

Main Advantages of BFS


The blow fill seal (BFS) process ensures greater sterility (as stated by the FDA) than the conventional filling processes at a cost competitive price to glass.

During the opening of glass ampoules there is a high risk of glass particles contaminating the medicines as particles are attracted inwards towards the medicine given the imbalance of air pressure. The usage of plastic ampoules eliminates the risk of contaminates entering the patient’s bloodstream.

It is easier and quicker to administer the medicine in plastic packaging mostly due to its twist-off capping.

The plastic ampoules have greater durability and less breakage.

The reduction in breakage and lower shipping costs due to the lighter weight plastic material provides significant cost saving.

The BFS Process


How is BFS Used?


The BFS Process


How is BFS Used?